The Project

Every business across the Republic of Ireland needs to file a tax return this year. The Revenue Online Service(ROS) facilitates the submission of 100's of thousands of these each year. The process of login into ROS system was quite complex and was not compatible with newer versions of browsers

The existing process require users to have certificates stored on the computer. As people of all technical abilities were using this system, this was a common source of calls to the service desk team in Revenue.

As part of the Version 1 team, I was responsible for designing an experience that would allow users to seamlessly and easily migrate from the existing login to the new system.

Research and Ideation

Our first step in our process was to bring stakeholders from different areas of the business and technical developers into a one day workshop


  • Understand the existing process and where the pain points were
  • Understand the technical limitations of the new approach
  • Development of personas
  • Collaboratively draft a prototype by the end of the workshop

Wireframing and Validation

Based on the workshop outcomes, I worked on building out the wireframes, reviewing internally before presenting back to the stakeholders.

Utilizing Balsamiq, we prototyped and iterated with the business over the next few weeks until on paper we had a prototype that met the requirements of our personas, business and technical stakeholders and ensured we were aligned with what service would be delivered



Developed Personas of potential users of the system and validated designs against these personas at all stages


Wireframed the end to end process using balsamiq including language, layout and content.

Workshop facilitation

Pulled together stakeholders from accross the business and development teams and worked together towards a shared solution