The Project

An Post is a major commercial organisation providing a wide range of services which encompass postal, communication, retail and money transmission services.

Version 1, having done work for An Post previously, was contracted to develop the AddressPal application.

The AddressPal service from AnPost allows their Customers to order items from web sites that do not deliver to Ireland. Registered AddressPal Customers can order items on-line (for example from and supply a shipped address to an AnPost depo in the UK.

From here the items are shipped to an AnPost Post Office, of the Customers choice, in the Republic of Ireland. When their items arrive into the Post Office the Customer is sent an email and SMS alert and then, two subsequent reminders over the following 5 days


After an initial meeting with stakeholders from AN Post, Wireframes were developed and refined interatively. Before any code was written, I had developed an end to end paper prototype of each screen on the site.

I worked in a collaboration with An Post throughout this process, incorporating their feedback and delivering guidance at all stages through this process. The end result being, An post could visualise the site early on, engagement form the business stakeholders increased and developers did not have to make any design or usability decisions and could concentrate on the delivery of the application.

UI Design

After agreeing the flow and content for the site, We next moved onto design. We delivered a design template that matched the An Post look and feel and a style guide for developers to reference.


Finally, after agreeing the AddressPal design, I delivered a HTML componets library for the entire site, that developers could easily intergrate into the application.

I provide support UX and UI support throughout the project, providing guidance to the An Post on UX strategy, creating design options for additonal pages that were added during the project and HTML and CSS support to develoeprs throughout the development of the project.


An Post’s AddressPal service has registered more than 100,000 new users in need of a UK delivery address for shopping on UK websites which won’t ship to the Republic of Ireland, or who charge heavy fees for doing so.

After just seven months in existence and its first Cyber Monday frenzy, AddressPal is already delivering more than 20,000 items a week from its UK hub to “click and collect” points in Post Offices throughout the country – and An Post expects this to increase further over the coming weeks and New Year sales season



A full end to end prototype of the entire website using Balsamiq.

UX Design

Provide UX guidance and best practices to project stakeholders throughout the project

UI Design

Created a style guide template that incorporated An Post look and feel using Photoshop


Developed HTML/CSS components for the entire web application for reuse by developers

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