The Project

A key internal system that allows InvestNI to deal with requests for grants or support is the Offer and Claim Management System (OaCMS)had grown over the years, with ad hoc functionality added to the system THe additon of this functionality favoured featured over usability and the system had become quite complex and difficult to use.

As part of a redesign of the system, the Version 1 UX team conducted a number of workshops to gain feedback on the current system which provided the basis for our redesigns.


To ensure the system was to meet the end users expectations and requirements, I followed a user center approach where the HTML prototype was reviewed with end users and iterated over time while also taking into account the business goals and technical feasibility of implementing the prototype.

Following the user-centric design process to obtain early feedback and ensure user requirements are met

  • Developed HTML template and to explored a variety of designs
  • Liaise with management and technical team during development to resolve issues
  • Amending and improving existing interface designs
  • Providing support to the technical team implementing design
  • Conduct Heuristic evaluation of existing site